Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
( It's OVER! )

WHOOTS! My mid-semester tests are all over! YESSSS! nothing more for me to worry about xDD HHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thus.. you see me having the time to blog now =) and i received a letter from JCS regarding my test results!! I've got 241/250 for my Japanese final year test!!! YEAHHHH! Another happy news for me! LOL!

Oh and for my company's dinner and dance last Monday, i wore heels like around 4 inches high and walked around 1km non-stop to the place of the event! I must say.. i'm impressed with myself o(^-^)o

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Monday, November 26, 2007
( Japan Cultural Quiz )

Went to the Japanese School at Changi today to take part in the 'Japan Cultural Quiz 2007'! it was a 1 hour paper.. with 150 MCQs!!!! that IS a lot of questions.. and guess what.. out of that 150 questions.. i think i was only able to answer 20 questions which i think i'm very sure of getting right.. saw the word 'i think'?

Anyway.. for the rest of the questions.. i just went.. 'hmm.. i think this looks the most right..'
And 'i have a few of those same alphabets shaded in a row already.. that can't be the answer.'
And 'i don't have a lot of that alphabet shaded.. maybe it's that.'

Well.. the questions they asked were stuff like:
-who's the general for this era?
-what line is in this prefecture?
-what's the voltage used in japan?(!)
With other stuff that has to do with the ministry, the different festivals, food, etc..
Really! the questions askes are almost everything that you can possibly or not possibly think of! I was like, "How in the world am i supposed to know all this stuff??!!"

Plus i had back aches from sitting at the teeny weeny chairs and tables there! i'm not that small you know..

I really do not know why i am doing this at 3am.. i should actually be sleeping by now o(>.<)o

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Monday, November 12, 2007
( Something discovered )

WHOAAAAA! I've not blogged in a long time right! A little bit over one month =x Well.. there's a reason for my disappearance.. nowadays whenever i have any free time at all, i'll just *Plop* anywhere and fall asleep o(>.<)o work and school is definitely tiring me out =(

Anyway.. i discovered something! well.. it's not something to be happy about, and in actual fact.. i'm feeling all depressed now after finding that out o(>.<)o there's this really cute and good-looking guy at my work place (ok.. not exactly my work place cos he's working up in the Japanese restaurant while i'm down at pasta) that's my motivation for going to work! and that's why i'm always looking forward to start my work cos i may get to see him! HAHAHHAHHAHAHA! but when i've actually started working.. that's a completely different story but anyway, I caught my 'Motivation' smoking! argh! whyyyyyyyy????!!! then again.. almost everyone at my work place smokes! why is that sooooo??!! hmm.. lets see.. if you're good-looking.. you're a smoker. That is not trueeee.. i refuse to believe! o(>.<)o

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Monday, October 08, 2007
( Problems at work )

I wasn't feeling too good today during work.. and the 'not too good' feeling came suddenly not like i was feeling that the whole day o(>.<)o At first my vision was slightly blurred, then came the ache in my stomach =( and there was this really nice chef called calvin.. and he made me this drink that would help my stomach! =) although i didn't really like the taste =x well.. at least it did help a bit..

And i saw my schedule for work for next week! i'll be like working the whole week and 5 of the days i will be working up at the main restaurant o(>.<)o WTH! WHO put me there!!? i dun wanna work there cos they said that it is really strict and super tiring there.. i mean please.. i can barely make it in pasta and now you want me to work at the main restaurant! What's more.. i seem to be the only one working for 5 days there.. the others just have to work at least 2 days! >( WHYYYYYY?

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Monday, October 01, 2007
( Work and stuff )

Needless to say.. Working is TIRING. and after the long and tiring weekends, I finally found the time to post again =x My whole body is aching now, especially my feet!! whenever i sit down, i really don't feel like standing up o(>.<)o and thankfully.. I have tomorrow off!! YAY! I'll have time to catch up on all my dramas xD HAHAHAHAHA!!

Plus.. I passed my grading!! YESSSS! Butttt... For aikido today, i inflicted and got inflicted with lots of injuries o(>.<)o Firstly.. i think i wasn't in my right state of mind when i went for aikido today.. hmm.. must be due to the lack of sleep.. LOL! I think i did something really bad today.. really. really. bad. i accidentally kicked someone straight on target during aikido o(>.<)o and instead of feeling really sorry for it.. i somehow couldn't stop laughing! My emotions are all going wrong o(~.~)o anyway.. back to me getting hurt during aikido.. somebody fell on me when i fell onto the mat.. talk about getting hurt twice. and i got smacked in the face accidentally too! why are all this happening to me!? If it's due to me accidentally kicking that person's nut, I'm really sorry for it but i didn't do that on purpose.. so was my non-stop laughing that followed after =x I told you.. something is really wrong with me today =x

And there's this cute guy working in the affiliated restaurant that i'm working in! the restaurant's on the the third floor while mine is on the second.. sadly we're not working in the same restaurant.. oh well.. at least there is this chance that i'll be able to see him when i go up to the third floor to punch my card =] LOL! OK.. i am crazy today =x

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
( Preview for Weekends )

I am feeling super tired and sleepy now!! o(x.x)o Now i understand why the manager said that Fridays and the weekends are really terrible o(>.<)o i practically walked non-stop without even having the time to drink a cup of water from 6pm onwards! Butttt... he said that the crowd on Friday is only the preview of what it will be like during the weekends.. and i CAN'T imagine how it'll be like then.. i feel almost half-dead working today o(>,<)o AHHHHhhhhh.. need to hang in there..

At least we hit our pasta sales target today =) that means We'll be able to get ang bao xDD which is an extra $10!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! DO IT FOR THE ANG BAO =D LOL! although that is not supposed to be my driving force to work but.. it's the only one i can think of =x

And i was let out of work really late today.. how late? late enough for me to miss the last train back home! o(>.<)o soooo... i guess i'll be let out of work even later tomorrow right!? K.. time for me to regain all my energy back for tomorrow and.. it can only be done through sleeping so.. GOOD NIGHT! =D

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